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Several Open Books

There are books,

then there's

the rest of the story... 

...the things that enable homeschoolers to thrive

...the things that keep them on track

when life gets in the way

The essentials of success.

Homeschooling is an educational alternative that goes beyond books. It involves much more than picking a curriculum; it's about the intangibles. Things like
     relationships, resilience, learning styles, love languages, family dynamics,
     self-awareness, perseverance, and grit.
Homeschooling empowers kids to explore their interests. It launches creative ideas into an explosion of possibilities. And it's a way to invest in your children's well-being and worldview.
Essentials of Homeschooling is here to help you succeed in guiding your children toward success in learning and beyond. Check out the blog for insightful articles. Don't miss a post: Sign up now for a biweekly email with words of wisdom to enrich your homeschool experience. 
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